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Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks

Engine Model :4KH1-TCG40
Rated Power :120 HP
Capacity :5,000L
Driving Type :4x2 rear drive
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Product details
Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks 

Isuzu Oil Tank Truck ( also called as ISUZU fuel bowser tank, Isuzu oil diesel transport truck, Small Isuzu fuel truck, Genuine ISUZU fuel trucks maker, Isuzu fuel oil steel tank trucks ) is normally transport the gasoline, diesel, kerosene etc. and some other liquid fuel materials which do not corrode the oil pump and fiscal ECR.

Main specifications:                   



Driving Type

4x2    (Left hand drive)


3360 mm


88 kw (120hp)





Carbon steel(Q345)

Shell Body

5 mm nominal thickness


6 mm nominal thickness


3mm nominal thick, wave shape, four pieces with Ø 500mm service port

Tank shape



Full capacity 5000L



Shell Finish

Shot blasted with 1anti-rust, 1 base coat and 1 finishing coat, the color of tank is according to customer requirement.

Testing Pressure

36kPa, Water pressure test

Tank Fittings

Top inlet port


Manhole Cover

Aluminum alloy, 20” self-latching manhole cover, with air-van.

Outlet port:

One pneumatic sea valve which at the front of tank, the size of outlet port is 3 inches, fix all connector.

Pipe box:

It made of PVC material, round shape which on the both sides of tank, one plastic pipe (5m)

Anti –Static System:

Static electricity plate , copper plate and earth cable reel

Tank Accessories


Stainless Steel ladder fixed at rear of tank

Walkway Platform:

It fixed on the top of tank with anti – skid surface treatment.



Fire Extinguisher Housing:

2 units, suitable for 4 kg’s fire extinguisher

Pump Device


Flow meter


Tool box

Small box


As option


Recently Built Fuel Tank Trucks:

 Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks  Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks
 Front right view      Front left view
Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks  Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks
 Left side view   
 Right side view
Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks  Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks
 Front view
 Rear view
Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks  Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks
Rear left view
 Rear right view

Part 2: Fuel Truck Tanker Specification


2.1 Principal Features

a. Capacity of the tank, 5300 liters

b. Tank size: 4000(L)*1730(W)*1100(H)

c. Material: Q235 steel, or stainless steel or Aluminum


2.2 Tank Body

The tank body is elliptic cylindrical, round or trapezoidal cylindrical, etc., made of high quality steel plate,

The entire tank can be single-chamber or multi-compartment division, There are steel division plates with through holes welded in the tank to strengthen the anti-wave and relieve oil shocks. To prevent corrosion, the outer tank painted rust and decorative paint.


2.3. Tank Manhole Assembly

The manhole is placed on the top of the tank, the material is aluminum or stainless steel, with the functions of breathing and emergency venting. Gas recovery valve, fuel gauge and anti overflow probe can be mounted on the manhole cover. The built-in breathing valve can keep the internal and outside pressure balance in the process of transportation, and keep sealed at the time of the accident. The emergency venting device will automatically open to release the pressure in the tank in case of accidents and greatly improve the security of oil transportation.


Tank image and main parts

Ghana custom-made 5000L Isuzu NKR Oil Tanker trucks


a. the top of the tank

b. the manhole( cover, breather, emergency venting, Gas recovery valve)

c. computer fuel dispenser

d. pump in / pump out function

e. PTO pump

f. anti-static pole

g. sea valve (emergency shut-off valve)

h. gas recovery valve

i, optic socket

j, anti-fire tail pipe

k, vapor adapter valve

l. fuel gauge

m, filling gun and tube reel



2.4. Tanker Sea Valve (emergency shut-off valve)

Sea valve is mounted on the bottom of the tank, has the options of pneumatic manual, aluminum or stainless steel material, Generally pneumatic valve is first chosen. The valve has small internal pressure, flow amount. There are cut-grooves in the flange. When accident occurred, as the cut-groove can’t bear too much momentum, the pipe and tank body will be disconnected automatically. The tank medium can be leak. That makes sure the safety of the tank.

To ensure the valve has a good ability to work, what conditions must be met:

A, When the sea valve works, the system must ensure the air pressure >0.4 MPa.

B, The valve body and plunger must keep a high degree of sealing.

C, The spring must have enough elastic force to reset.


2.5. PTO

The PTO is mounted on the transmission, there are two types of left and right, the main function is to shift the power of the engine to the pump by drive shaft. For the operation function, please check the PTO instruction manual.


2.6. Pump

There are self-suction centrifugal pump and gear pump. For the performance, please check the instructions.


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